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Robin Hood-Themed Bank Heist Thriller Trailer NO LOSS // NO GAIN – GeekTyrant


Gravitas Ventures has released a trailer for a mysterious Robin Hood-themed heist thriller titled No loss // No gain. The story centers on a vigilante who offers victims of a bank robbery a million dollar opportunity.

In the film, “An anonymous vigilante seizes a small suburban bank. He claims to be seeking justice for a massive banking scandal, but his tactics and motives are clouded by complexity. Ordinary people are caught in her web: the struggling bachelor bank teller, the college student under imminent student loan pressure, the ousted career bank manager, the hardworking restaurateur and his pregnant wife. Embarked on a journey to the heart of the biggest bank on the planet strewn with scandals and fraud, these everyday victims are faced with the extraordinary opportunity to change their lives forever. All they have to do? Agree to follow a mysterious ‘Robin Hood’ plan and they walk away with millions.

It feels like a solid movie that tells an interesting story and I’m curious to watch it and see what happens. The film comes from Christian Rousseau, who is making his directorial debut and it stars John Valley, Amanda Joy Erickson, Kevin mccarthy, Nathan Ehrmann, Destiny Soria, Revolver Ru Benjamin, and Alexandria Payne.

No loss // No gain will receive a direct VOD release on July 6.


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