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Shelby County’s leading students and educators for the 2020-2021 school year will be recognized on Wednesday, April 28 at 1 p.m. in the Virtual Student and Educator of the Year program.

Shelby County Chamber’s eighth student and educator of the year is presented by America’s premier federal credit union. The program is co-sponsored by Vulcan Materials and the University of Montevallo.

Shelby County schools have been invited to nominate an “Academic Leader” and “Standout Career” Student of the Year to represent their school. All applicants were assessed on the basis of the following criteria: GPA, extracurricular activities and awards, a written response (essay) on their career plan or study program, and letters of recommendation. Each student was invited to attend a 15-minute interview with a panel of three judges.

Nominees for the Educator of the Year were nominated in three categories – primary, middle and secondary – by their school principals. Three judges rated them based on their teaching philosophy, community involvement, and recommendations from colleagues and school administrators, including a brief video where many showcased their exceptional classrooms.

All applicants will be recognized during the program and will receive a tour of their school and a courtyard sign celebrating their appointment. “As our more than 1,180 investor organizations are the future employers of these students, we believe this is an important step in recognizing the excellence that occurs every day in our Shelby County classrooms.” , said House Chief Executive Officer Kirk Mancer.

The program will end with the announcement of eight recipients – two “Career Pathway Standout” students, two “Academic Leader Standout” students, one “Future Leader” student, one “Elementary School Educator of the Year”, one “Middle School Educator”. of the year ”and a“ Secondary teacher of the year ”. The five recipient students will receive a cash scholarship of $ 1,000 and the three education recipients will receive a cash scholarship of $ 750.

“The five recipient students will receive these funds to further their education and career development, and the three teachers will receive their awards to use in their classrooms at their discretion,” said Pari Barzegari, director of community and career development at bedroom.

To register for the virtual program, send an email to [email protected]

The 2020-2021 nominees are listed below alphabetically by school in each category:

Academic Leader Standout – Candidates for students of the year:

Mason Mathias, Briarwood Christian School

Ashlyn Faith Jones, Calera High School

Emma Wolfe, Chelsea High School

Sydney Aldrich, Helena High School

Janie Gray, Montevallo secondary school

Peter Anthony Anella, III, Oak Mountain High School

Shaun O’Neil, Pelham High School

Ella Russell, Shelby County High School

Nathanael “Payton” Burch, Shelby County Career Technical Education Center

Emaline Morris, Thompson High School

Toni M. Lee, Vincent Middle High School

Career Pathway Standout – Student of the Year Candidates:

Anna Gardner Herren, Briarwood Christian School

Callie Weathers, Calera High School

Bryndie Hunsaker, Chelsea High School

Alex Franklin, Helena High School

Migdalia Lopez-Jimenez, high school in Montevallo

John Berik Blanton, Oak Mountain High School

Yahir Ayala Aguirre, Pelham High School

Blake Robinson, Shelby County High School

Erik Barajas Shelby County Career and Technical Education Center

Harris Mitchell, Thompson High School

Kayla Maxwell, Vincent Middle High School

Candidates for primary school teachers:

Kristi Brooks, Calera Elementary School

Sara Patrick, Calera Middle School

Keaghan Hinson, Chelsea Park Elementary School

Sarah Kendrick, Creek View Elementary School

Shanna Petty, Elvin Hill Elementary School

Mari Newton, Forest Oaks Elementary School

Patrick Riley, Helena Elementary School

Kaitlin McGuirk, Helena Middle School

Julie “Mauri” Crisler, Inverness Primary School

Connie Kakoliris, Meadow View Elementary School

Kamie Jones, Montevallo primary school

Heather Braswell, Mt. Laurel Elementary School

Melanie Fitzmorris, Oak Mountain Elementary School

Kim Ethridge, Oak Mountain Middle School

Mary Beacham, Pelham Oaks Elementary School

Lucy Cournoyer, Pelham Ridge Elementary School

Kaleigh Lamar, Shelby Elementary School

Alexis Bulger, Thompson Middle School

Ginger Forsythe, Vincent Elementary School

Tiffany Collins, Wilsonville Elementary School

Candidates for college educators:

Nina Frazier, Calera College

Michelle Nivens, Chelsea Middle School

Brad McClaran, Columbiana Middle School

Chad Sorrells, Helena College

Staci Egan, Linda Nolen Learning School

Matthew Williams, Montevallo Middle School

Carla Higginbotham, Oak Mountain Middle School

Jessica Lynn Brown, Pelham Park Middle School

Karen Evans, Thompson Middle School

Tamara Carter, Vincent College

Candidates for secondary school teachers:

Tamika Whitt-Wright, Calera High School,

Walter “Ryan” Adams, Chelsea High School

Anita Lewis, Helena High School

Jessica Gothard, Montevallo high school

Danny DuBose, Oak Mountain High School

Jessica Swann, Pelham High School

Celia Dozier, Shelby County Career Technical Education Center

Marisol “Soli” Lilly, Shelby County High School

Douglas Crabb, Thompson High School

Sgt. Major Mary Kyser, Vincent High School


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