Christian Curriculum

Satire: Lesson Plans for a “Uncritical” Race Theory Curriculum


By Laurie Baron, Ph.D.

Laurie Baron

SAN DIEGO – Lesson 1: The biblical origins of the racial hierarchy
Adam and Eve were white. Cain’s mark was that he had turned Black for killing his brother Abel. Noah’s son was Ham. Her son was black and immigrated to Ethiopia. From now on, Africa exported only nubile temptresses like the Queen of Sheba. Jesus was white and his followers founded a new religion to dissociate themselves from their other Jewish contemporaries who had become so tanned by the blazing Middle Eastern sun that they identified with blacks and still do to this day. .

Lesson 2 The Glory of White Christian Europe Once the kings of Europe converted to Christianity and made it the state religion, their racial and religious superiority enabled them to stop the spread of evil Islam at the Battle of Tours and through the crusades, the Reconquista in Spain and the battle of Vienna. in 1683. Their victories provided the precedent for the recent Muslim ban. During the centuries of white Christian rule, Europe produced the greatest architecture, much more impressive than the mud huts of the Africans and the tents of the Arabs. .

Lesson 3 The United States: a slavery paradise with some caveats
When the nations of Western Europe abandoned Christianity for the Enlightenment, they were supplanted by whites who fled to the United States to secure their rights to life, liberty, and slavery. They were happy because they had jobs for life and they were given free room and board. The alternative to their benevolent servitude was to be confined to desolate Indian reservations before they were allowed to operate casinos.

Lesson 4 The aggression of the North, the lost cause and how the South is resurrected
The lamestream media brainwashed the whites of the North to abolish slavery. The Southern Confederation rightly revolted against the prospect of losing property, prompting the Northern Union to invade it. Although the Confederacy lost the war, it ultimately persuaded the Supreme Court that separate but equal treatment of races was fair if whites remained in control of the government and the country’s wealth. It was the law of the land until the communist liberals instigated by the Jews outlawed discrimination and segregation. The white backlash increased as people of color increasingly threatened to replace the white majority. Fortunately, Jesus watched over his people and delegated Donald Trump to rectify the situation and defend this agenda so that white American college students can feel proud of their racial heritage.


Baron is professor emeritus of history at San Diego State University. He can be contacted via [email protected] Jewish world of San Diego emphasizes to new readers that this column is satire, and nothing here should be taken literally.


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