School Funding

School funding: the arts are important too

Re: “More counsellors, nurses for WA schools after legislature increases funding” [March 16, Education]:

I am a parent of a Seattle Public Schools fourth grade student and I am also a clinical child psychologist specializing in the social and emotional well-being of our children.

Due to funding cuts, SPS plans to significantly reduce the multi-arts program next year, which includes visual arts, music and theatre. It is imperative for the social/emotional well-being of our children that all students have access to high quality multi-arts programs in school, as the arts have countless benefits for self-confidence and creativity children, and for their ability to feel connected to their school community. These things are especially important for students with learning disabilities or other disabilities who may struggle academically, and for disadvantaged students, who may not be able to access these programs outside of school. school.

While I’m glad to hear that there will be more funding for school psychologists, school counselors and nurses next year, I think arts funding is just as important.

Amy BohlanderSeattle