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Senate supports Senator Miramant’s bill to increase funding for schools


AUGUSTA – The Senate on Monday passed a bill from Senator David Miramant, D-Camden, that would force the state of Maine to meet its 55% school contribution requirement.

LD 1114, “An Act to Require the State to Respect the Mandatory 55% School Contribution,” received unanimous and bipartisan support.

“We must take responsibility for the future of our children,” said Senator Miramant. “Our school districts are grappling with budget increases every year and they understandably want to avoid meeting those increases by raising property taxes. The situation could improve if the state followed the 2003 citizens’ referendum to fund schools at 55%. This bill will serve as an equalizer for our schools and promote equity between districts and communities. I am glad my colleagues voted for this bill and for schools in Maine.

LD 1114 would increase the share of state funding for essential services and programs and public schools to 55%.

In 2003, voters in Maine passed a citizens’ referendum that required the state to pay 55% of the operating costs of public schools in order to reduce property taxes.

As part of a supplementary budget proposal by Governor Janet Mills presented in May, the state’s contribution to K-12 public education would meet the 55% threshold in state law for the first time in many years.

The Maine Principals’ Association, the Maine Municipal Association, the Maine School Boards Association, the Maine School Superintendents Association and the Maine Education Association have all testified in favor of this bill.

LD 1114 faces further votes in the Legislature.


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