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So fix your low credit rates up to half a year before you buy to make sure you’re not losing hundreds of thousands

Competition between banks is also apparent in their efforts to provide various convenience services. I broker products from 11 commercial banks, four of which provide 100% secure income pre-qualification.

Longer term consumer friendly loans


Two of these do not provide this service for longer term consumer friendly loans. In the case of one of the other two, sub-letting and disbursement should take place within six months of the purchase of a newly built property in accordance with current practice and should not be used on a second-hand property unless the property is already on the lookout.

However, there is a bank where, depending on the customer rating, a pre-contract can be made for 3-6 months, where the bank keeps fixed interest rates on the client’s part, and within 3-6 months it is enough to conclude the final sales contract. After that, there is still time for the contractor to make the commissioning or sub-commissioning.

This service is also available for second-hand homes

As the bank guarantees the amount to be judged and the interest, 3 to 6 months before finding a second-hand property, after examining the income conditions. Pre-assessment, an optional, additional step in borrowing, whereby the bank assesses the requested loan amount by examining the entire income conditions, even without the property, at the current interest rate (which cannot change anymore).

It shall also disburse the loan to the borrower, with the parameters being evaluated, upon submission of the final sales contract within the time limit provided that the conditions of income and indebtedness of the borrower have not changed.

The bank will provide the best alternative bank interest

The bank will provide the best alternative bank interest

At the same bank, I also have a brokerage discount that, for a loan of more than $ 20 million, the bank will provide the best alternative bank interest on an individual request at the appropriate income. So not only can interest rates be fixed, but also the best interest rates available in the market.

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