School Funding

State Rep. proposes a bill to give more funding to those responsible for school resources | New


Two days after the Oxford High School tragedy in which four students were killed and seven injured by an active gunman, Michigan House approved a broad plan to support law enforcement and staff public security.

The legislation provides more than $ 360 million to help first responders with their recruitment efforts, community outreach and equipment upgrades.

State Representative Gary Howell said there is a need to keep schools safe during active shooter situations.

“This year’s funding has been proposed at $ 10 million and my amendment has been multiplied by five to $ 50 million,” Howell said.

“I was satisfied once I found out how effective the Resources Officer had been in disarming the shooter, incapacitating him. He still had bullets in the gun’s magazine. If the officer hadn’t done it, I don’t know how many more of the people would be killed or injured, ”Howell said.

Adding this amendment became personal for Howell after he had a close call on Tuesday.

“My son is a teacher at Oxford High School. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the actions of the school’s resource manager who protected John and his students,” Howell said.

Howell said he, like many parents, had an agonizing expectation of whether his son was okay.

“Probably the longest time of my life, while I waited for my son, John, to text me to tell me he was okay. I didn’t know for about an hour. Because ‘he was concerned about barring the classroom door, controlling the students, then evacuating the students. “

His amendment would make voluntary grants available to school districts that wish to have a school resource manager.

“Parents of those students who have died or been injured, I can appreciate a little bit the horrible feeling they had of not knowing, and finding out that their children were killed or injured. May God them bless it is a horrible thing and let’s do everything we can to make sure it doesn’t happen again, ”said Howell.