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Student Association Senate Confirms Cabinet Members, Calls for Increase in Graduate Student Housing – The GW Hatchet

The Student Union Senate passed a bill calling on the university to improve graduate housing and voted to confirm the nominees for the executive cabinet.

After officials announced late last month that they planned to sell the Aston, which has housed law students since 2007, the South African Senate unanimously passed the Housing Graduate Disappointment Act and reiterated his advocacy officials to provide several options for graduate student housing. The South African Senate also voted to confirm the chiefs of staff of Student Association President Christian Zidouemba, the Legislative General and the Executive Secretary for Home Affairs, but rejected the proposal. communication director candidate.

SA Senator Cody Ingraham, Law-G, who sponsored the Graduate Housing Disappointment Act, said the University never acknowledged it had received legislation passed by the Senate last year that also called for a increased on-campus housing for graduate students. Ingraham said college housing is better for low-income students because they can use federal loans to pay for housing, rather than finding new payment methods like a bank or family loans.

“This legislation calls on the University to consider options for providing on-campus graduate housing as soon as possible and to bring together graduate student leaders to discuss options that will raise graduate student living standards higher on campus. our campus,” he said. .

Senators voted 17-1-1 to endorse Zidouemba’s chiefs of staff, legislator-general and treasurer.

The senators also confirmed Zak Zethner, Zidouemba’s executive secretary of internal affairs 16-2-1, but they did not confirm Aiza Saeed as director of communications 13-5-1, missing the required two-thirds majority.

Zidouemba said he plans to add an executive secretary for graduate students and academic affairs to better represent students as he continues to appoint cabinet members. He said the addition of these two positions in exchange for previously smaller cabinet positions further reduced the size of his already historically small cabinet.

“More broadly, this cabinet structure will help reduce the overall size of the cabinet,” he said.

South African Vice President Yan Xu has thanked Dean Cissy Petty and Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President Mark Diaz for their service to the University after announcing their expected retirements at the end of the month. He said he has approached the Deans of Graduate and Sub-Schools to fill the 23 vacancies currently in the South African Senate.

“A lot of them, I would say half of those deans or directors have already responded,” he said. “And they said they would send communication as soon as possible to encourage graduate students to apply for Senate and other types of appointments that we have opened up for these students.”

The South African Senate has unanimously approved the Dean Petty Appreciation Act, sponsored by Executive Vice President Xu. The law outlines Dean Petty’s various responsibilities and accomplishments, thanks her for “more than four years” of service, and wishes her well in her future endeavours.

The next Senate meeting will be June 13 at 8:30 p.m. on Zoom.