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Sunbury Christian Academy closes after 47 years


June 5 – NORTHUMBERLAND – Students will not be returning to Sunbury Christian Academy (SCA) in the fall after its board of directors decided to close the 47-year-old institution.

In a letter to families and alumni of the SCA, Elder President Dean Parry, Joint Organization President Don Campbell and Deacon President Dennis Morgan announced the closure is due to declining enrollment and the difficulty in filling teaching posts. The academy was founded in 1974 as the ministry of Sunbury Bible Church (SBC) at 135 Spruce Hollow Road, Northumberland.

“For about 10 weeks, SCA has been recruiting for several teaching positions with virtually no response to these recruiting attempts,” the board wrote in the letter. “This has left us with both the ongoing financial dilemma and the inability to provide the proper education program for the upcoming school year. With these factors, along with the continued inability to increase the student body, the joint body made the difficult decision to close the school at the end of the current academic year. “

They added, “This news will have a personal impact on many of us and certainly was not done without a lot of consideration and prayer and more than a few tears. We are convinced that God has a new plan and a new one. direction for Sunbury Bible Church. As we move forward in our ministry, we ask that each of you pray for clarity of direction for the ministry. “

The Sunbury Christian Academy was a private, non-profit Christian school located just north of the Borough of Northumberland. Its mission was to seek a partnership “with parents to form well-educated disciples of Christ who positively impact their world for Christ,” according to its website.

The SCA facilities included modern computer networked classrooms, a library, a fully equipped computer lab, a science lab, a full gymnasium, sports fields and a cafeteria with a hot meal program.

Longtime teacher Joe Buczeskie, also a high school coordinator, shared some thoughts on Friday after the school’s graduation ceremony. He had been a teacher at the school since 1994.

“It’s sad and disappointing,” Buczeskie said. “When God closes one door, he opens another.”


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