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Superintendent: Please vote for school funding

Please vote, Santa Fe! As the vote is underway on the General Bond (GO) Bond and Mill Levy, Santa Fe public schools, including staff, students and families, thank you for your support.

You can make an impact on the future of students by funding smart and adaptable schools, improving all district facilities, and expanding energy and water conservation, solar power, and classrooms. outside.

Above all, you can help ensure the quality of the air in our schools in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

As part of the voting measures, $ 100 million in GO Bond funding and $ 9 million per year in Mill Levy funding will be renewed, and your taxes will not increase, allowing us to build a future for more than four years and take care of our facilities.

Funding priorities were set by the SFPS Community Review Committee and Education Council after the district reviewed several million square feet of buildings on how each site supports our educational programs. Buildings are on average 43 years old, so meeting all needs is expensive. By targeting funds where students need it most, we can continue to build their futures.

Two schools, Early College Opportunities High School (or ECO), located near Santa Fe High School, and Mandela International Magnet School, on Agua Fria Street, two lottery schools open to everyone in the community, are being targeted for major renovations. The installation of ECO was deemed limited and Mandela is hosted at an inadequate site to fulfill its mission as an International Baccalaureate (IB) school. The GO Bond funding will provide $ 22.5 million to renovate Mandela and $ 14.5 million to renovate ECO.

Mandela and ECO provide students with choices. ECO immerses students in Grades 9-12 on career paths that prepare them for highly skilled, well-paying jobs. Mandela, the only equal access IB public school in Santa Fe, trains youth in grades 7-12 to create a better, more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

Ortiz Middle School, on South Meadows Road and the only middle school in the district serving grades 6-8, will be tied with Milagro Middle School. Milagro’s new facility on Llano Street, completed in 2019 with the support of voters, was built as a school for generations of students. The Sweeney Primary School sports ground on Airport Road is a GO Bond priority and Capital High School will get a new roof.

We’re excited to include the second phase of improvements in Santa Fe’s high schools, which, with a completely transformed administration and student service buildings, have an increasingly consolidated campus, a long-sought priority. The second phase of construction will provide new outbuildings, a disembarkation area and a covered passage to make the school a secure site.

In addition, the Academy for Technology and Classics, the district’s authorized charter school, will receive $ 400,000 for necessary safety and security. All charters benefit from the Mill Levy because they receive a direct share proportional to their registration.

SFPS ‘sustainability program, a shining example of innovative and creative thinking, will deliver more solar energy and water conservation, and help make campuses into outdoor classrooms, all part of the objective of the program to balance scarce natural and fiscal resources over the long term. Over $ 2.5 million is for district-wide outdoor learning spaces and playground improvements.

SFPS Board Chair Kate I. Noble provided a relevant summary when she said GO Bond and Mill Levy’s recommendations were about commitments, consistency over time and adaptation efforts and devolution.

Fairness is at the heart of this election, because every student and every building will benefit.

Please vote, Santa Fe, to help us build a future for all.

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