Tech ranked among the best universities by SmartAsset

Tennessee Tech was named the Top Public University in Top SmartAsset Colleges and Starting Salary Studies for 2021.

“At Tech, we are focused on student success,” said Phil Oldham, president of Tennessee Tech. “We provide quality education at a lower cost than most schools. We work to develop graduates who are ready to make a positive contribution to their employers and communities.

In the starting salary list, Tech is the highest ranked public university and ranks second (public and private universities), with Vanderbilt University taking first place overall. Tech has occupied the first public place since the first publication of this ranking in 2015.

In the Best Value Colleges rankings, Tech also ranks first among public universities and is ranked No. 3 overall, behind Vanderbilt and Christian Brothers universities. Tech scores high for its combination of low cost, high retention rate, and high starting salary.

“Rankings like these, while not our measure of success, show that what we do for students is having a positive impact,” Oldham said.

SmartAsset uses data from a variety of sources, including the United States Department of Education and Payscale, to calculate annual rankings, looking at five factors: tuition fees, student cost of living, scholarships, and scholarships. , student retention rate and starting salary for new graduates.

Oldham says that when students or parents ask him if a college education is a worthwhile investment, he may say, “At Tennessee Tech, it is.”

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