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Cooper Sarafin, from Lancaster, was one of more than 450 St. Lawrence University graduates of 2021 to graduate following the university’s opening ceremonies, held on Sunday, April 18. Sarafin obtained a bachelor’s degree in philosophy with distinction. Sarafin attended Saint-Marc school.

Abigail Blackmore, from Bolton, and a student at the University of Quinnipiac, was inducted into the Lambda Pi Eta, the official honor society of the National Communication Association, in a recent virtual ceremony.

The following local students graduated from Fitchburg State University in the spring:

Boylston: Jennifer knowles, master’s degree in education, curriculum and teaching;

Clinton: Rebekah Andino, master’s degree in education, educational leadership / management; Johan asencio, Bachelor of Business Administration; Katharine Ball, master’s degree in counseling; Emilie Center, Bachelor of Science in Nursing; Matthew hammond, master’s degree in education, curriculum and teaching; Nina Hoag, bachelor’s degree in communication media; Stephanie Kerrigan, master’s degree in counseling; Carlos maldonado, bachelor’s degree in psychological sciences; Katherine Mercadante, master’s degree in education, educational leadership / management; Jose nieves, bachelor’s degree in industrial technology; Brett Rochford, bachelor’s degree in communication media; Emily shanley, Bachelor of Science in Nursing LPN to BS; Dylan soldi, bachelor’s degree in criminal justice; and Jenny white, master’s degree in education, curriculum and teaching;

Lancaster: Eric fahim, bachelor’s degree in biology; Pamela Knop, Masters in Business Administration; Matthew Legere, bachelor’s degree in psychological sciences; Abigail Mackillop, Bachelor of Early Childhood Education; Kaitlyn Roller, bachelor’s degree in psychological sciences; Nicole Vautour, master’s degree in early childhood education; and Zachary Zarrella, bachelor’s degree in environmental and earth sciences;

Sterling: Luiza Camelo, master’s degree in counseling; Christopher Graves, bachelor’s degree in computer information systems; Michael misilo, Bachelor of Business Administration; and Shelly saben, master’s degree in arts education; and

West Boylston: Evan Beauvais, master’s degree in education, curriculum and teaching; Lisa Cooper, Bachelor of Business Administration; and Erin downer, bachelor’s degree in personal services.

Many local graduates participated in the launch of Quinsigamond Community College:

Associated diplomas

Berlin: Josiah Cross, Taryn Murphy and Isabelle russell;

Bolt: Sydney Cortes;

Boylston: Pakiza Ashaq, Taylor Cole, Jack Corcoran, Cassedi Johnson, Mihail Penney, Jack Sauger and Shanna Spencer;

Clinton: John Baird, Jonel Cavallo, Aiztinay Cortes, Reyna Lynch, Nadia Machado, Sean McDowell, Phillip Morin, Lea Murtagh, Bayron Muwanga, Michael Seed, Delieris Valentin and Michelle watson;

Lancaster: Daniel Berube, Lorraine Cova and Jasmine sawyer;

Sterling: Thomas Carroll, Holly DeRouin, Connor Emsley, Kayla Pray, Brianna Remy, Michaela Rouillard and Brett young; and

West Boylston: Ryan Beecher, Sarah Berryman, Bonnie Herrera, Kevin Johns, Patricia LaFountaine, Jacob Milton, Kirby Pierre-Louis, John Suraci, Zackery Vanvleck, Ryan Walsh and Brady Weldon.


Boylston: Mary Belleville, Kaitlyn Pieniak, Jack Sauger and Jacob Valleli;

Clinton: Carlos Aguilar, Aiztinay Cortes, Habib Habib, Loren Robles, Michael Seed and Michael urban;

Lancaster: Hayley abendroth and Jasmine sawyer;

Sterling: Thomas Carroll, Amanda Mailberg, Kimberly Norton and Lesley simpson; and

West Boylston: Lisa Dewar and Patricia lafountaine.

Several local residents have been named to the Winter President’s List in southern New Hampshire: Jennelle Anderson, from Clinton; Alexandra Baer, of Lancaster; Tina Bianchi, of West Boylston; Michael bosselman, from Clinton; Sabrina buteyn, of West Boylston; Cassidy Cortes, from Bolton; Trinity cortes, from Bolton; David Cunningham, from Bolton; Colin Henderson, from Sterling; Matthew hross, from Clinton; Alexandre littizzio, from Sterling; and Shaylyn Wetherbee, by Clinton.

Antonia Souza, from Clinton, received the Clarence McKenn Award at the Nichols College Class of 2020 opening ceremony on May 16, 2021.

This award is given to a student for excellence in marketing.

(picture) Shivani Kumar, from West Boylston, received his master’s degree in civil engineering from WPI. She was an early-student lecturer.

She received her bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the Wetworth Institute of Technology Boston.

She now works for the IBI Group in Boston as a Transportation Engineer.

Several local residents have graduated from the University of New Hampshire at Durham:

Berlin: Cassidy walsh, bachelor’s degree in business applications;

Bolt: Cecilia beaudoin, Bachelor of Business Administration: Marketing; and Caleb mcclure, bachelor’s degree in psychology;

Boylston: Benjamin dale, bachelor’s degree in sports studies;

Clinton: Cataline Gil, veterinary technology associates; and Connor pyatt, bachelor’s degree in mathematics;

Lancaster: Haley Taddeo, bachelor’s degree in sustainable agriculture and food systems; and Christian Milioto, bachelor’s degree in civil engineering;

Sterling: Brittney naugler, bachelor’s degree in health management and policy; and Jack wyman, bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences; and

West Boylston: Nicolas pichierri, single, cum laude, in english.

Sarah Savage Duhaime, of Bolton, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and management, minor in project management, from Clarkson University in May.

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