Christian Curriculum

The Learning Village is coming to North Brisbane

Genesis Christian College recently opened The Learning Village, which includes the complete renovation of the 2nd and 3rd year classrooms. The new district is intended to amplify the delivery of a high-quality curriculum in modern specialist facilities.

The learning village consists of eight new general learning areas (classrooms), each with its own color scheme. In addition, large flexible learning spaces have been created that allow the implementation of modern pedagogical approaches while establishing a better connection between classes. Another important feature is the abundance of natural light to “bring the outdoors inside”.

One of the most exciting aspects of the new development is the increase in room size – from a minimum of 68m2 to 90m2. Larger floor space means much more room for collaborative learning, the creation of ‘learning zones’, the introduction of ‘learning communities’ to connect four individual classrooms into learning environments flexible and two large “wet zones” for multi-faceted use with everything from creative mind play to room for parent collaboration and briefings.

Large sliding glass doors connect our classrooms and give teachers the opportunity to build relationships and differentiate learning groups. Design flexibility means that we can effectively utilize teachers, teaching assistants and caregivers in the teaching and learning process – we believe in a whole ‘community of learners’.

Play-based and outdoor learning is central to our learning village design thinking, providing a highly seamless connection between natural and built environments; between exterior and interior. The buildings are designed to overlook our future purpose-built “outdoor learning environment” which will incorporate landscaping to facilitate nature play, curiosity and risky play. The intentional transition through large sliding glass doors will allow our youngest learners to transition naturally from the play environment to constructivist learning.

The Learning Village allows our teachers to design the classrooms of their choice. The new design will provide opportunities for our LOTE programs and for enriching and extending learning through dedicated classroom spaces and by inclusively integrating these areas into students‘ existing learning environments.

At Genesis, we know that learning happens on many levels – individually, in small groups, in large groups, and in entire communities. Developing quality relationships at all levels is essential for quality learning outcomes. Our Christian culture is visible and intrinsic to everything we do; with a very high level of pastoral care for our entire community. Our new Learning Village encapsulates all of these important aspects of our approach to teaching and learning.

Learning at Genesis cares about the development of every child. We value a sense of wonder, discovery and inquiry in children, as this not only allows for a deeper, more meaningful intrinsic learning experience; but additionally allows children to learn higher order and critical thinking skills.

For more information on or for personal visits, please contact our registrations team on 3882 9000.