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Three Candidates Vying For Vacant 88th District House Seat In Fredericksburg Area | Local News

Lewis also wants to remove the 13th Amendment from the US Constitution, which abolished slavery because he says allows “slavery, provided it is done by the state as a punishment for a crime.”

Democratic candidate Evans has worked in criminal justice for 22 years. Most of the time, she worked for a federally funded agency representing needy people accused of crimes. She sits on the Stafford Board of Zoning Appeals. Evans also served on the Stafford NAACP branch criminal justice committee.

Affordable health care is one of its top three problems.

“We need to further expand access to mental health and addiction treatment,” she said in a response to a questionnaire. “We need to reduce the cost of prescriptions and insurance quotes. “

Evans also said broadband needs to be extended to rural areas, especially as lawmakers in Virginia passed a bill in 2020 making it cheaper for carriers to operate lines in easements.

Education is also on Evans’ list of key issues.

“We need to raise teacher salaries to the national average here in Virginia,” she said in the questionnaire. She added that teacher-to-student ratios should be addressed and that more funding is needed for special education and mental health services in schools.

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