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Dave Ramsey is this week’s guest on Harrison Podcast. Multimedia talk radio giant Dave ramsey is this week’s guest on the award-winning PodcastOne series, “The Michael harrison Interview. “Based near Nashville, he’s been on the air for nearly three decades, providing advice on personal finance, faith and popular politics to a growing audience that delves deep into the human psyche by dealing with debt, ambition, ethics, balance and direction. Ramsey is ranked # 2 on the 2021 SPEAKERS List of America’s Top 100 Top Radio Talk Show Hosts and he certainly practices what he preaches. Start with a small, money-driven local radio show in Tennessee, he built his business on the principles he espouses in a multi-million dollar media operation known today as Ramsey Solutions employing over 1,000 people. The company is dedicated to filmmaking, book publishing, podcasting, live presentations and radio syndication of a growing number of unique personalities. Ramsey Solutions has just released a groundbreaking feature documentary titled, Borrowed Future: How Student Loans Kill the American Dream. Michael Harrison says: “This has been one of the most important comments about our economy and our culture in years. Student debt is a major crisis that is choking a generation. It’s a shame. ”Ramsey has also written and published a new book called, Baby Steps Millionaires: How Ordinary People Built Extraordinary Wealth – and How You Can Too (Ramsey Press, 2021). Harrison and Ramsey discuss the student debt crisis, his plans for the future of Ramsey Solutions, and the current wave of inflation hitting the country. Do not miss! To listen to the entire podcast, please click here.

Fast: program a talk station like a music station – sort of. Consultant Jon Fast says that just like a music programmer has a music playlist, a discussion programmer should have a topic playlist. “The topic reading list will appeal to your target audience. The list will continue to change and evolve every day. Too often we play topics that are of interest to the host alone. Consider the audience first. Is it important to them? If so, go ahead. Then, as in the case of a music programmer, judge the subject. Decide how often you “rotate” it. There are rare occasions when a subject can occupy the whole living room or the whole day if, for example, a large industry decides to leave the area, leaving hundreds of people unemployed. Read his column here.

Tom Tanguay to retire from KIRO-FM, Seattle. Co-host of the afternoon drive Tom tanguay announces that he is retiring Good city news / talk KIRO-FM, Seattle, after the December 1 program. Tanguay made the announcement yesterday (22/11) and posted the following at his website. “Tom’s last show is Wednesday, December 1, after spending 27 years doing everything in the news bureau relating to film criticism, all culminating in his co-hosting of a radio concert alongside John curley on the ‘Tom & Curley Show.’ “It’s the best job,” he said in the Monday edition of the show. “I just realized that at 67 I still have other things to do – there are only fascinating things in the world. I’ve worked in radio for 30 years and been on talk shows for the past decade, and now I want to try other things. I wanna travel, I wanna read, I wanna study, and all that stuff. KIRO-FM management announces that they will soon announce their plans for the afternoon driving day.

Good Karma Brands product 10e Wisconsin Annual Sports Awards. Media company Good marks of karma – owner of the news / discussion WTMJ-AM, Milwaukee; speak WGKB-AM “101.7 The Truth”; WAUK-AM sports conference “ESPN Milwaukee”; and WTLX-FM “ESPN Madison” Presents the “10th Annual Wisconsin Sports Awards: History Made, ”a televised event hosted by“ ESPN Milwaukee ”morning show host and ESPN national reporter, Jen Lada. The program recognizes high school, college and vocational athletes from across the state of Wisconsin and includes “gripping stories, interviews and more from local talent, including Bob uecker, voice of the brewers of Milwaukee; Dave koehn and Ben brust, play-by-play and color analyst for the Milwaukee Bucks; and more during the month of December. The program will air four times statewide starting Dec. 11 on WISC-TV, Madison. It will also air on WTMJ-TV, Milwaukee on December 18, on WKBT-TV, La Crosse on December 19; and on WBAY-TV, Green Bay on December 16. Good Karma says the show will feature interviews with 2021 NBA champions the Milwaukee Bucks and Milwaukee Brewers, 2020 National League Rookie of the Year Devin williams. It will also highlight athletes who have made a huge impact on the community in unique ways with the Community Involved Athlete of the Year presented by JOCKEY and the Inspirational Athlete of the Year Broken Bat Brewery. The televised event will honor the winners of the Cousins ​​Subs Wisconsin Sports Awards.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with the troops. In the photo above is Salem Radio Network White House Correspondent Greg Clugston Fort Bragg, North Carolina covering an inaugural Thanksgiving celebration with the troops stationed there. Clugston traveled aboard Air Force One with the President Joe biden and the First Lady as they donned blue aprons with the presidential seal and served mashed potatoes and stuffing in the buffet queue. Fort Bragg is home to the Army’s 18th Airborne Corps and the Army Special Operations Command.

Jan 6 investigation / subpoenas, gas inflation / prices, lightning crowd robberies, Biden names Powell, COVID-19, Carlson-Rittenhouse interview, Ahmaud Arbery case and Waukesha parade tragedy among top news / talk stories yesterday (1/22). The investigation into the January 6 attack on the Capitol and the new subpoenas issued for the testimony of former Donald trump to advise Pierre Roger and media personality Alex jones; the high retail prices facing Americans, record gas prices and the President Joe bidenthe promise to free oil from the country’s strategic reserves; the increase in theft in the Bay Area; Biden appoints Fed chairwoman Jerome Powell for another term; the rising rate of COVID-19 cases in the United States and Europe and the decline against mask and vaccine warrants; FOX News Channels Tucker carlson interviews Kyle Rittenhouse; jury gets case in trial of three men accused of murder Ahmaud Arbery; and the aftermath of the deadly ram car assault at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wis. were among the most discussed stories on news / maintenance radio yesterday, according to ongoing research of SPEAKERS magazine.

Salem is looking for a Director of Operations. The Orlando Station Group Salem Media Group is looking for its next Director of Operations to lead the programming effort within its cluster. Our passion for the community and our listeners are what drives our success in Salem. Top of the line personalities, digital platforms and resources make this a fantastic opportunity with a great operator in sunny Central Florida. General manager Tim robisch is seeking applicants who have spoken on air and programming experience with a passion for Christian teaching and conservative conversation formats. Find more information and apply here. No calls please.

FOX News Media is looking for a radio presenter. There is a full-time news anchor position available with FOX News Media. The company claims that this New York-based position is as talent for FOX News Headlines 24/7, Sirius XM Channel 115. In addition to this role, the successful candidate may be asked to anchor on the FOX News Radio affiliate network. As a radio news anchor you will work under tight deadlines and deliver top notch news reports. You have a passion for the latest news and the flexibility to work with a few days’ notice. Learn more about this position and apply here.

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