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What is happening with the funding of schools? Jim Stamas from Midland comments on state budget progress


Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Jim Stamas, R-Midland, released the following statement on Thursday regarding the state of state budget negotiations for fiscal year 2022 and the announcement the House may adopt his own plan:

“I understand the House is preparing both a K-12 budget and a General Fund omnibus budget. I can’t wait to see what’s in them. Once we have the House plan, we’ll take a look at it, see where the funding is coming from, how much it is, and if they’ve stuck with the original plan or decided to do something different.

“I’ve always been open and in favor of equity payments to school districts, and I put $ 450 million in the budget for the first equity payment. We wanted to look at the entire K-12 budget against the second supplement equity payment. I’ve always been sympathetic to considering how we balance the difference between Title 1 and the rest of our school districts across the state.

“We’re also waiting to see what happened with the additional K-12 funding. We had an agreement and we are now waiting for it to be finalized by the House.

“We want to work with the House and the governor’s office to make it happen. The speaker and I made it clear that we would like to have a finalized budget by July 1. I have made a commitment to look at what is sent to us from the House and see if we can do it.

“Even though we are unable to prepare the budget by July, our schools have already received substantial additional dollars, and our schools and our local and state governments are still funded until October 1. While there may not be an immediate impact, I understand that our schools and local communities would like to know what their funding levels will be before they set their budgets.


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