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What You Don’t Learn in Law School, with Charlotte Christian, the Founder of Charlotte Christian Law

Developing an entrepreneurial spirit, essential as it is in all industries, is not a primary goal in the curriculum of most higher education institutions.

College and graduate students receive in-depth training on how to become competent professionals in their respective industries. Nevertheless, students in most fields receive little guidance on how to turn their profession into a business.

For Charlotte Christian, the founder of the family law firm Charlotte Christian Law, mastering the skills needed to run a business required changing the legal mindset she had learned in law school to an entrepreneurial spirit.

“Certainly the greatest challenge of [opening a law firm] learns to reinvent itself,” Christian said during an exclusive video interview. “In law school, you are taught to do law, to be a lawyer, to be in the courtroom, but you are not taught to run a business. »

Over the past several years, Christian has become a nationally recognized divorce attorney and has created one of the fastest growing family law firms across America. This lawyer has dedicated her life’s work to helping people going through the difficulties of divorce. With the support of his team at Charlotte Christian Law, Christian has protected the rights of hundreds of clients going through complex divorces.

In August, Christian tuned in from his residence for a video interview. During the hour-long call filled with anecdotes about her career, Christian shared how law school never prepared her for the unique challenges of owning a law firm.

Christian says her love for turning opportunities and resources into a business was intrinsic to her from an early age. Christian’s later interest in law did not suppress her entrepreneurial streak, which remained present in her early in her legal career.

“I believe my family has always had an entrepreneurial spirit passed down to me,” Christian said. “I grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit, and even as a lawyer that entrepreneurial seed has never gone away.”

In 2020, when Christian transitioned from working solo to starting her own law firm, she discovered that being a lawyer and owning a law firm are two completely different beasts.

Law school did not prepare Christian for the more administrative and logistical components of building a successful law firm. As she observes, today’s higher education system fails to teach students how to turn their industry-specific skills into business.

Therefore, during the early days of Charlotte Christian Law, Christian admits to feeling unprepared for the challenges of running a business, a feeling that other professionals in different industries can connect to.

“I’m sure people in most practices can relate,” Christian said. “Dentists go to dental school and learn about teeth, surgery and how to be a good doctor. However, no one teaches you how to run a business.

Christian’s relative inexperience in running a business did not deter this law firm owner. Her determination to build a successful law firm outweighed the uncertainty she faced right after establishing her family practice.

“I decided in 2020 that I was going to read as many books as I could to learn what I didn’t learn in law school,” Christian shared.

Without delay, Christian began looking for mentors and other resources that could help her become a successful business leader. Books have become essential tools at this stage of Christian’s entrepreneurial journey. Through the written words of business leaders around the world, she gradually mastered the art of running a successful business.

“I started flooding myself with as much business content as I could, reading and trying to put those fundamentals in place of what it takes to build and grow a strong business,” Christian said.

Today, Christian feels a sense of pride as she reflects on the obstacles she overcame to establish her law firm. In just two years, she transformed Charlotte Christian Law into a widely recognized multi-million dollar family law firm.

Today, as Charlotte Christian Law continues to grow, Christian and his team remain committed to serving those struggling with divorce, helping them build a better future.

By Juan Sebastian Restrepo,

With the Artistic Initiative Agency