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Winona Christian announces new AD, coach

The Winona Christian Stars welcome changes to the school’s athletic department.

Following the resignation of former athletic director and head football coach Junior Graham, Nick Mumme was appointed as athletic director and Ken Chandler returned as head football coach.

Mumme, 29, who has worked as a physical education teacher and coached the Stars’ varsity boys and girls basketball teams since 2020, accepted the athletic director job earlier this month.

“Coaching basketball has been an amazing experience,” Mumme said.

The school has a great athletics program, led by Graham, Mumme said.

“He’s been a tremendous mentor to me,” Mumme said. “He’s the reason I’m taking this job.”

He said he was moved by the idea of ​​being offered a position for which he never thought he would be considered.

“I was excited and ready to take on these responsibilities,” Mumme said.

As athletic director, Mumme said he plans to continue to develop and support the Stars’ athletic program, as does Coach Graham.

“Coach Graham has done a tremendous job. I’m just trying to fill his shoes,” Mumme said. “I want to make sure all sports are supported with what they need for the championships.”

Coach Chandler has similar plans as the new head coach of the school football team.

Chandler returns, having coached at Jackson Academy, to lead the Stars to more than a winning season.

“I know that when I was there before, I arrived in a better situation. They had a winning season,” Chandler said. “This year they’re not bringing back a lot of kids, and I’m going to have to rebuild.”

Chandler went on to say, “I definitely plan on bringing it back to a winning tradition. This place, for the past 15 years, it was definitely a winning program, except for two losing seasons.

He said that by looking at the highly successful Stars high school junior team and the support the school has received from parents and the community, he can get the team back on track.

Chandler, a 56-year-old Weir native, said Winona has always felt like home, and the interest Winona Christian has shown in returning as head coach was just the boost that he needed.

“I felt like it would be a good time to go home,” he said.

Chandler began coaching in 1990 as a volunteer assistant at Weir High School and has held assistant coach and head coaching positions over the years at schools including Winona Christian.

In addition to coaching at Winona Christian, he will serve as a physical education teacher.

Mumme, a graduate of Carroll Academy and Mississippi State University with degrees in kinesiology and business administration, will also serve as a physical education teacher.

The Carrollton native accepted his position as head basketball coach after working at Carroll Academy from 2016 to 2020 as head coach of junior varsity women’s basketball and assistant coach of women’s and men’s basketball. He also taught mathematics at Carroll Academy.