School Funding

WNY schools will receive nearly $200 million in funding

Schools in Western New York are getting more funding thanks to Governor Kathy Hochul’s 2022-23 state budget.

More than $169 million is expected to be spent on area schools. The money will help expand universal pre-K classes and help create 1,300 new pre-K slots locally.

“Over the past two years, nearly every aspect of life – from driving to work, to kids in school, to affordable childcare for middle-income families and weak – have been affected,” said Assemblyman Jon D. Rivera. “This year’s budget delivers a victory for these families and students across our state, who have endured hardship due to an ever-changing school calendar and ever-changing learning trends. By fully funding Foundation Aid, reducing the financial burden on our college students, increasing the number of universal pre-K seats, and increasing child care funding by $5 billion over the next few years, the New York State Legislature has shown that it is committed to the next generation of our state’s workforce.

State Senator Sean Ryan said the money will ensure every child in New York State has access to a quality education.

This year’s budget includes a major investment in our schools and, by extension, a major investment in New York’s future,” Senator Ryan said. With our plan continuing to fully fund Foundation Aid and more than 15,000 new pre-K spots across the state, we’re making sure every child in New York has access to a quality education.”

The $169.2 million is 7% more than area schools received last year.

“As a former teacher, I am proud of New York State’s continued commitment to fully fund the Foundation’s assistance for our schools, especially as we recover from the pandemic, which has disrupted learning, exhausted teachers, staff, students and families, and impacted young people’s mental well-being,” said Assemblyman Bill Conrad. “Educators are tasked with a huge responsibility and deserve the right tools, not only so that they can help students approach the curriculum, but also to ensure that children are fed, safe, supported and able to learn. I am also proud that we are expanding access to universal pre-kindergarten, which we know gives young people a head start in life by boosting their cognition, literacy and social health. There is simply no better investment a community can make than in its schools and its students.