School Funding

Wyoming Legislature Education Committee Votes Small Increase in K-12 Education Funding


The Legislature’s Joint Education Committee has supported increased funding for school districts across the state.

The external cost adjustment provides an increase of just over three percent for districts to meet the rising costs of supplies and utilities. Johnson County School District Superintendent Charles Auzqui told the committee that the districts did not have enough money to cope with various increases.

“Public services are increasing. The costs of quality professional development are increasing. And another key topic that I want to touch on that is a huge issue for districts is cybersecurity, ”said Auzqui.

He said this involved both protecting student records and securing online courses.

The committee also voted to support providing districts with approximately $ 25 million to fight inflation for employees.

Cody rep Sandy Newsome said rising costs were becoming problematic.

“As we talked about, rising energy costs are getting to our house. If you went to the grocery store, we have inflation. The cost of housing in my community has skyrocketed,” he said. said Newsome. “So I think it’s appropriate that we compensate our staff for the inflationary pressures they feel, which we all feel.”

Senator Casper, Charles Scott, argued that districts can use their block grant money instead. The Joint Committee on Appropriations will also discuss the matter at a future meeting.


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