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Yes, parents in Virginia should tell schools what to teach


ROnly the differences between two candidates for a public office perfectly crystallized in a single minute of debate. But such a minute occurred Tuesday night in Alexandria, Va., During the gubernatorial debate between Clinton fundraiser Terry McAuliffe and businessman Glenn Youngkin.

Asked about the Virginia Department of Education policy that allows anyone to use the toilet of their choice, regardless of their biological sex, Youngkin replied, “What we have seen in the past 20 months, it’s that our school systems refuse to engage with parents. In fact, in Fairfax County last week we saw parents get upset because there was sexually explicit material in the library that they had never seen. It was shocking.

“And in fact,” Youngkin continued, “you vetoed the bill that would have informed parents that they were there. You think school systems should tell children what to do. I believe parents should. be in charge of their children’s education.

“I will not let parents go into schools, take out books and make their own decisions,” McAuliffe replied. “I don’t think parents should tell schools what to teach.”

And There you go. Youngkin believes parents should be in charge of their children’s education. McAuliffe believes parents shouldn’t be telling schools what to teach.

This is the difference between the two candidates in the race for governor of Virginia.

This issue is especially important now, as parents across the state battle to take over local school boards after learning what their schools are teaching about the very nature of our country.

For example, the obscene material to which Youngkin referred and which is available in school libraries in Fairfax included a book containing “explicit illustrations of sexual encounters involving children” and another including “graphic descriptions of male sex and children ”.

Also in Fairfax County, teachers developed a so-called “anti-racist” social studies program designed to “combat the over-representation of white and Eurocentric history.” Specifically, the program they modeled, “Teaching Tolerance,” requires students to learn that “America was founded on protecting the interests of white and Christian men who owned property.”

The Fairfax County School Board also spent $ 20,000 on a single training session from author and huckster Ibram X. Kendi on how Fairfax educators can be “anti-racist.” The school board did not release the content of Kendi’s presentation, but Kendi wrote that “the only cure for past discrimination is current discrimination. The only remedy for current discrimination is future discrimination.

Don’t Fairfax parents have the right to stop their children’s schools from teaching them toxic waste? McAuliffe doesn’t think so. He wants parents to sit down and be quiet while their children are brainwashed with their own tax money.

Parental control over education has been a uniquely American trait since the founding of our nation. When Alexis de Tocqueville arrived in the United States in the 1830s, he marveled at the farmers and laborers who organized public schools for their communities. Parents have every right – indeed, it is their duty – to ensure that their children receive a proper education.

Left-wing activists who disbelieve in our nation’s founding principles have stealthily controlled our schools for too long. It’s high time for parents to take back control of their children’s schools, and it seems like only one candidate for governor in Virginia understands it.


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