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Youngkin calls on every school in Virginia to have cops on campus

“Every school will need to have school resource officers on its campus,” Republican candidate for governor Glenn Youngkin said at a rally in Fairfax County. “They’ll be on campus, or this school will lose its funding.”

At a campaign rally in Fairfax County, Va. On Tuesday night, Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin told supporters he would have police officers stationed at all state schools. he won in November.

“Each school will need to have school resource officers on its campus,” Youngkin said. “They’ll be on campus, or this school will lose its funding.”

The debate over armed police officers in schools, commonly referred to as school resource officers, has been going on in the DC area for some time.

Arlington County and Alexandria in N. Virginia voted to remove officers from their schools this year, although Alexandria’s decision was overturned this month and officers reinstated due to violent incidents at Alexandria City High School.

During his rally, Youngkin called on the Virginia attorney general to investigate the Loudoun County public school system after a student was charged with two sexual assaults.

The 15-year-old student who allegedly groped a girl at Broad Run High School earlier this month was under electronic surveillance after being accused of sexually assaulting a young girl in a bathroom at Stone Bridge High School last May.

“They had a duty of care and they failed,” Youngkin said. “They put our students in danger.

In remarks last week, Loudoun County Superintendent Scott Ziegler apologized, saying he would propose changes to the relationship between the school system and the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, “to ensure that school discipline and criminal investigations can take place simultaneously “.

Youngkin accused the county of “cover-up,” noting that the school system was under investigation by the Virginia Department of Education for omitting reports of sexual assault in schools from a public database.

In previous remarks, Ziegler responded to that inquiry and blamed a “lack of oversight that existed before my tenure.”

“The division has inadvertently omitted certain information in the past; this is extremely worrying, ”Ziegler said. “We are taking steps to make sure this process is improved. “

Youngkin’s Democratic opponent Terry McAuliffe’s campaign released a statement, calling Tuesday’s rally a “divisive” and accusing Youngkin of making “constant threats against public school funding.”

Virginia’s race for governor is considered a close race. Early voting in the November 2 elections is underway.

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